From delectable dishes that celebrate local flavors to expertly crafted cocktails that tantalize your taste buds, our dining experiences promise to elevate your stay to a true gastronomic delight.

Kwann - A tale of Charcoal cooking, Smoking Coal, & Thai soul

Kwann is a live fire restaurant specializing in Thai-origin charcoal cooking. We meld classic ingredients & old recipes with contemporary approach. The result- food with soul, from glowing coal.

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Leaf Bar & Eatery - Embrace the Green

Ease into your city break at Leaf Bar & Eatery, situated at the center of Nysa Hotel. Not your average lobby bar, Leaf channels a more upbeat ambiance including meticulously-curated signature cocktails with a focus on botanical elements, modern classics, local teas, fruity coffee, and freshly-pressed juices. The eclectic food menu offers a variety of “cheeky” small bites, comforting dishes, health-conscious options, and Thai-inspired snacks.

In addition, the bar occasionally features DJs, live bands, various workshops, and renowned guest bartenders, making it an ideal setting to capture unique experiences and create unforgettable memories.

OPEN: 11:30 hrs.
CLOSE: 23:00 hrs.

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Sage Table - Embrace the essence of well-being!

Sage Table embraces a philosophy of wellness and culinary joy while setting the tone for a peaceful dining experience with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking a hearty breakfast to kickstart your day or a nutritious lunch, we invite you to savor the flavors of international & asian specialities in an atmosphere designed to soothe the soul.

Sage Table is the morning hub for a delightful breakfast experience. Enjoy a buffet of house-smoked meats, made-to-order eggs, and a health corner with superfoods. Fresh juices, teas, and surprises add to the delight. As lunchtime approaches, Sage Table continues to impress with a menu that puts a twist on Asian specialties, while maintaining a commitment to healthy dishes. The restaurant offers a sophisticated environment for business lunches and a crowd-pleasing variety of lunch menu sets, creating a space where guests can unwind and embrace the essence of well-being.

OPEN: 6:30 hrs.
CLOSE: 10:30 / w 11.00 hrs.

OPEN: 11.30 hrs.
CLOSE: 15.00 hrs.

Food & Drink Menu